Recieving several warning and errors from nALFS-CVS at runtime

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Mar 7 09:33:33 PST 2004

Thomas Pegg wrote:

(First, sorry for the delay in responding, I went out of town for a day 
and a half and didn't touch a computer :-)

> As subject states been getting a lot of warnings and errors using
> nALFS-CVS with a slightly modified version of the official CVS profile,
> some I think are for some modifications I have not made yet but a few
> that are bothersome are for the <link> and <textdump> elements, output
> of status window is attatched.
> For example with the <link> element, it says base can only be specified
> once when it has not even been defined within the profile. And textdump
> says the only mode is append.

OK, obviously some things are broken in the new handlers. Thanks for 
testing for me, I'll get these fixed up in the next few hours. Watch for 
the commit messages on alfs-log.

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