[RFC] <group> element for DTD to support XInclude files

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 4 17:30:42 PST 2004

(subject changed to reflect topic wander and get other input)

Anderson Lizardo wrote:

> And, IMHO, this is not the right way to support xincludes. Look at
> Matthew's newxml branch, the xincluded files do not have <book> as root
> element, but "inner" elements, like <part> or <chapter>. So, to be able
> to use xincludes AND have syntatically correct profiles, we could:
> - have separate files for each package, with <package> as root element
>   on these files.
> - create a new generic element that can be used to group <package>'s,
>   like <group>. this way, xincluded files with more than one <package>
>   will have <group> as root element.

I like this solution quite a bit, it solves both problems neatly. If 
noone has a better suggestion than <group> I'll add that; it will be 
only a container element, no attributes, and it will allow the same 
sub-elements as <alfs> does, except <alfs> will also allow <group>.

If someone wants to use xinclude _within_ an xincluded file, they'd have 
to put the xmlns stuff on <group> element in that file, right?

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