nALFS 1.2.1 SIGSEGV'ing on me

Dermot Bradley tangram at
Thu Mar 4 17:00:49 PST 2004

> Hmm. Are these static builds or regular shared library builds? What
> version of libxml2 is on this system?

Both are static builds, both machines have libxml2 2.6.6-1 Debian packages

I've run nALFS with the Nprint output in it. node->name contains "package"
just before it segfaults. This is the first occurance of the <package> tag
in the XML.

An excerpt of the XML in question leading up to and just after the
<package> tag is:

<stage name="Kernel Headers &linux-version;">
    <variable name="HOME"</root</variable>
    <variable name="TERM">$TERM</variable>
    <variable name="PS1>'\u:\w\$ '</variable>
    <variable name="PATH">/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/tools/bin</variable>
    <variable name="CFLAGS">&gcc-optimizations;</variable>
    <variable name="CXXFLAGS">&gcc-optimizations;</variable>
    <variable name="LDFLAGS">-s</variable>

<package name="kernel-headers" version="&linux-version;">
  <stage name="Unpacking Linux">

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