nALFS 1.2.1 SIGSEGV'ing on me

Dermot Bradley tangram at
Thu Mar 4 14:30:12 PST 2004

> That's very strange, xstrdup is being called with a NULL parameter,
> which should not happen. Do you have any elements with _empty_
> attributes specified? Does this profile pass xmllint checking with the
> appropriate DTD?

xmlint --noent --xinclude --postvalid --valid build-eyes.xml gives:

build-eyes.xml:3: element alfs: validity error : Element alfs content does
not follow the DTD, expecting (configure | copy | download | execute |
link | make | mkdir | move | ownership | package | patch | permissions |
remove | search_replace | stage | textdump | unpack | xi:include)*, got
(alfs alfs alfs alfs )

I guess that there's an issue with the way I've written by files (with
xincludes). The thing is this profile has worked fine for ages with older
versions of nALFS.

My top-level xml file build-eyes.xml is:

<!DOCTYPE alfs SYSTEM="ALFS.dtd" []>

<alfs version="3.1" xmlns:xi="">
<xi:include href="base.xml"/>
<xi:include href="eyes.xml"/>
<xi:include href="finish.xml"/>
<xi:include href="initrd.xml"/>

I guess the 4 "alfs" that xmllint picks up on may related to these 4

As an example, base.xml referred to by the top-level xml file contains:

<!DOCTYPE alfs SYSTEM="ALFS.dtd" []>

<alfs version="3.1" xmlns:xi="">
<stage name="Base LFS">
     <xi:include href="base/lfs/lfs.xml"/>

I'm sure I'm doing something dumb :-)

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