profile editting?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Mon Mar 1 18:01:49 PST 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> No one has grabbed them, so I am not sure where they sit with the 
> development team.  Kevin?  I do know that some other items that were 
> deamed a bit more important are being worked on right now for v1.3.  I 
> am not exactly sure what is on the plate next.  If you know C and XML 
> and wish to contribute, then I'll bet Kevin and the rest would love the 
> help.

This is a far-off enhancement... it's not something I personally have 
felt the need for, and it's a large job. However it is done it will need 
to be done using an XML-aware tool, or the user will spend a lot of time 
going through the edit/validate cycle (as they do now).

I suspect there are a number of XML document creation tools out there 
that can be fed a DTD and will help you build a conforming document; 
certainly they can only ensure that the syntax is correct, not the 
semantics, but at least then you know that your document is well-formed 
and matches the DTD.

As far as future plans, 1.3 will probably end up being 1.5 or 2.0 :-) 
I've got the handler/parsing rewrite going along and will be done 
probably this evening, there is the log file rewrite to do, and lots of 
code cleanups and improvements. Except for the log file changes most of 
this will be "behind the scenes" stuff, but it will make nALFS more 
efficient, reliable and smaller, which are all good things.

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