profile editting?

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Mar 1 17:39:40 PST 2004

Hui Zhou wrote:
> Greetings.
> I used to be an nALFS user and remember the most boring part is editing a
> profile. Hand editing xml isn't fun. I always have to restart nALFS
> several time after a few editing to fixing the mistakes such as tag
> mismatch. 
> So the question is: How do you guys editing your profile? All by hand?
> Is it possible to make programes to easy the process? For example, we
> can run `alfseditor --modify c5-binutils-1', then the program list the
> stages and ask `which stage to modify?'. I type `config', it lists the
> current config options and ask for new one...
> You know, just avoid looking for the subfile every time and avoid
> making stupid mistakes thousands and thousands of times. (I would like
> to hear more stories on this. ;-))
> I guess we can make program that doesn't use libXML and do it the
> custom way(I had a few scripts earlier doing this kind of editting).
> The problem it has to be so custom that when I changed the stage
> structure, the program has to changed also because it doesn't really
> understand the contents.
> So my question is Is it possible to use XML to do the job (libXML for
> example)? LibXML has function to print to file. How does it work with
> multiple references and subfiles?
> Thanks for your attention.
> -Hui Zhou

There are three existing enhancement requests for this

No one has grabbed them, so I am not sure where they sit with the 
development team.  Kevin?  I do know that some other items that were 
deamed a bit more important are being worked on right now for v1.3.  I 
am not exactly sure what is on the plate next.  If you know C and XML 
and wish to contribute, then I'll bet Kevin and the rest would love the 


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