profile editting?

Hui Zhou zhouhui at
Mon Mar 1 07:15:58 PST 2004


I used to be an nALFS user and remember the most boring part is editing a
profile. Hand editing xml isn't fun. I always have to restart nALFS
several time after a few editing to fixing the mistakes such as tag

So the question is: How do you guys editing your profile? All by hand?
Is it possible to make programes to easy the process? For example, we
can run `alfseditor --modify c5-binutils-1', then the program list the
stages and ask `which stage to modify?'. I type `config', it lists the
current config options and ask for new one...

You know, just avoid looking for the subfile every time and avoid
making stupid mistakes thousands and thousands of times. (I would like
to hear more stories on this. ;-))

I guess we can make program that doesn't use libXML and do it the
custom way(I had a few scripts earlier doing this kind of editting).
The problem it has to be so custom that when I changed the stage
structure, the program has to changed also because it doesn't really
understand the contents.

So my question is Is it possible to use XML to do the job (libXML for
example)? LibXML has function to print to file. How does it work with
multiple references and subfiles?

Thanks for your attention.

-Hui Zhou

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