nALFS 1.3

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Jun 29 21:41:49 PDT 2004

Thomas Pegg wrote:

>>* a 1.2TB storage server (serving NFS to the other 7 machines)
> TB, WOW!!!!

Getting way off topic here, but noone is complaining :-)

Yeah, but really that's not too much nowadays. A 3ware 8506 SATA RAID 
controller and 8 160GB SATA disks in a RAID-5 array and you're there; if 
you've got the money for 250GB disks then an 8-disk array gets you 
1.75TB of usable space.

We'll be using this box for our storage server:

15 hot-swap SATA drive bays, triple redundant 760W power supply, it will 
have a 3.0GHZ P4-HT with 1MB cache, 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 
2GB of DDR-400 RAM. The only things running on it will be an NFS server, 
some MySQL servers and a Zope server for web sites. When we get close to 
filling up the 1.2TB, we'll add seven more disks (and another 
controller) and bump up to 2.7TB of space in a single server. Even fully 
populated with 250GB disks (3.25TB usable) you could build this system 
for about $5K US, which is pretty amazing.

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