nALFS 1.3

James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Jun 29 20:19:57 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> James Robertson wrote:
>> Kevin - do you have a final thought on the logging dtd?  Can you post 
>> it here or on a wiki page for us to get agreement on?  I know we all 
>> had some conversation on it in the past, but I want us all to be 
>> comfortable with the final 1.0 decision.  I can whip up a xml doc on 
>> it in the rotation pretty quick I think (following alfs dtd)
> I will be working based on the messages I posted to the list earlier. 
> I'll start a new thread with that information in it, and we can all 
> comment again and get the DTD process started now that we have more 
> participation.

Great.  That sounds good.

>> That seems ambiguous at best.  No biggie on my end. I too am looking 
>> forward to conditional exec with the logging dtd.  Do you have a TODO 
>> going or anything, or are you using BZ for everything?
> Right now my goal is just to fix what I've broken and get the BZ entries 
> I already started working on finished. I don't keep a separate TODO 
> list, no, I'd rather use BZ for that.
> I'm sorry for the ambiguity; between my regular work and also setting up 
>  a new company with a friend to offer VOIP phone service in the Phoenix 
> area in the next 60 days, I've got a lot going on outside of LFS. I know 
> that I've not really accomplished much with nALFS in the last few 
> months, and I certainly feel bad about that...

Hope I did not offend - did not mean to.  I completely understand 
outside endeavors.  That is what kept me out of the books for so long. 
I hated it too, because I have so much fun on LFS and the projects that 
I miss it not getting to do more on a regular basis. I miss being a 
student and having all sorts of time on my hands.  Thanks Kevin


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