nALFS 1.3

James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Jun 29 19:34:49 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>>   Do you have a check list for 1.3? I've done a quick search of the
>> archives but can't seem to find _exactly_ what we are aiming for for the
>> 1.3 release apart from conditional execution and possibly a better
>> logging format. Is this correct?

IIUC, Kevin is working off of the wiki roadmap (unless he changed his 
mind and didn't tell m :-) ).

Kevin - do you have a final thought on the logging dtd?  Can you post it 
here or on a wiki page for us to get agreement on?  I know we all had 
some conversation on it in the past, but I want us all to be comfortable 
with the final 1.0 decision.  I can whip up a xml doc on it in the 
rotation pretty quick I think (following alfs dtd)

> That is my goal of 1.3, yes.
>> How far off is CVS head to stable? Hours? Days?
> I will be working on it tonight, hopefully I will make enough progress 
> to get it stable again. I will let you know when I think it's there.

That seems ambiguous at best.  No biggie on my end. I too am looking 
forward to conditional exec with the logging dtd.  Do you have a TODO 
going or anything, or are you using BZ for everything?


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