[RFC] Using tidy to clean up profiles.

Thomas Pegg thomasp at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jun 22 18:07:02 PDT 2004

As suggested by Kevin in a previous thread, I've looked into using tidy
on the xml of the profiles to clean them up and standardize the
formatting. I have commited a few examples in the BLFS profile. In
paticular in chapter04 heimdal.xml and mitkrb.xml are two files, that
have been run through tidy. I did it only a few files, before a change
like this was committed profile-wide.

The entity reference issue is still a slight problem, the easiest way
I've found to deal with it is sed the &'s back to an &. Around 95%
of the time this works well except were there are actual &'s, in
which case those have to be changed back manually, but since it's in a
minority of the files, it's not a big problem. And really all files have
to be run through tidy one time I think.


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