LFS profile and perl optimization flags

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jun 22 16:30:51 PDT 2004

Thomas Pegg wrote:

> This is where I think conditional execution will become a powerful tool,
> optimization is just one example, we could have a file of entities that
> control such customizations, so you could easily pick wether you want
> optimizations turned on or not, as well as other things. Although this
> all requires DTD 3.2 and nALFS 1.3. Once these are available then this
> would be a feasible project. I already there are a few packages beside
> perl that don't respond to CFLAGS at all, mainly ones that don't use
> configure.

Be careful what you want to use conditional execution for :-)

For example, if you want add an additional parameter to a configure 
element but only if some entity is non-null, you would have to 
completely duplicate that configure element, once with the extra 
parameter and once without. Conditional execution doesn't happen at 
parsing time, it happens at execution time, where it's already too late 
to add/drop/change parameters from elements.

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