Subversion migration

James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Jun 22 05:41:38 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Thomas Pegg wrote:
>>> Other *LFS projects will be migrated on an individual basis, at
>>> dates & times to be agreed between myself, Jeremy and project leads.  I
>> When are we going to migrate Kevin?
> I almost sent a message this morning, but I held off so I could think 
> about it today.
> I'm ready to switch over nearly any time; I'll leave it up the team to 
> voice their opinions/readiness. That includes:
> - Thomas
> - Jamie
> - Joachim (if he's online, I can't remember when he said he'd be back)
> - James
> - Jeremy (who's already converted for LFS)
> (hmm... there's a lot of J's there :-))
> If there is no opposition from the team, I'd like to ask that we get 
> converted over next, after LFS (unless BLFS is going to switch very 
> soon, in which case they can go next).

I am good any time.  I will commit what I have by Friday evening.  I 
will be out on vacation most of next week while the migration occurs, so 
that will be perfect.


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