nALFS tarballs will no longer include an LFS profile

James Robertson jwrober at
Sun Jun 20 13:09:09 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Including an LFS profile with nALFS seemed like a good idea, but it has 
> become a problem to maintain. Tonight I was helping a friend get his 
> system set up, and found a few errors in the LFS-5.1.1-2 profile (which 
> I have since corrected). After correcting them, I realized that meant I 
> would need to respin the nALFS-1.2.4 tarball, or users would continue to 
> download the broken profile without realizing it.
> In addition to that problem, the profile itself now has the nALFS 
> version number and md5sum, because the profile installs nALFS during 
> chapter 9. This results in a catch-22: the profile can't contain the 
> md5sum of a brand-new nALFS tarball, because the tarball can't be made 
> until the profile is updated!
> Given those problems, I have decided to stop bundling profiles in nALFS 
> tarballs from this point forward (including nALFS-1.2.4). I have updated 
> the README file to no longer assume the profile is there. Any 
> suggestions and/or help to document that people need to download a 
> profile along with their nALFS download (including text on the ALFS web 
> pages, if needed) would be greatly appreciated.

I think that is a good idea.  I will put this in my todo for the UG.


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