ALFS DTD Syntax Doc v3.1

James Robertson jwrober at
Thu Jun 17 19:01:50 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Yes, you would just tag the book(s) as v3_1, pull that version and 
> render into properly named files. If you follow the LFS/BLFS model, 
> you'll have to set the version entities in the book XML files to "3.1", 
> tag, then change them back to "CVS-....".
> Once there is a stable version to pull into the tarballs, I'll modify 
> the bootstrap script to pull from the new location (which I assume will 
> be /alfs/downloads/guides).

OK, ran this command:

cvs tag -R -r v3_1 *

in the root of the syntax_doc dir.  Hopefully it tagged.  I am not sure 
how to check that.

I rendered the book and placed it in the above path with this name.



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