nALFS libxml2 version requirement (was nALFS 1.2.3 won't compile..)

James Robertson jwrober at
Tue Jun 8 20:25:12 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> This will be the problem; I don't know for sure which version of 
>> libXML2 introduced the XML_PARSE_NOENT flag, but it's now required. I 
>> will research this and update the nALFS documentation to contain the 
>> minimum required version; certainly updating to the latest version is 
>> safe and will solve your problem.
> OK, the new flag used in nALFS 1.2.3 requires libXML2 2.6.0 or above. 
> James, if you are reading this please update the user's guide. I will 
> update the nALFS README and will also enhance the configure script to 
> check the libxml2 version so it can fail at configure time if it's too old.

Yep, got it.

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