trying to get 5.1.1 downloaded...

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Jun 8 09:50:47 PDT 2004

Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Actually, no - I've been doing the editing in nALFS itself, so I did not 
> know there were comments in the general.ent file. I will look there, and 
> see what's what.

OK, the README file does tell you that you need to look into that file, 
but I never considered that people would edit the entities using nALFS 
itself. I'll update the README file to make it clear that there are 
useful comments in general.ent as well :-)

> I didn't realize this was actively maintained, so I will restructure my 
> quest of "reconfiguring it to work for me" to "report what didn't work 
> and why to help others."

Yes, there is a team of profile maintainers that keep the LFS and BLFS 
profiles up to date with the book changes, and they also handle problems 
found with the profiles, including the wget script and the 
documentation. If you find a specific problem you can document, you can 
either report it on this list, or (preferably) in the LFS Bugzilla.

> Not quite. I used the config_seperate directory, with the files that I 
> obtained from the wget script, but one file was missing (wget didn't 
> yell at me, but that's no proof it worked perfectly...) so that file I 
> pulled from the tarball.

OK, that seems reasonable, as long as the tarball doesn't have a 
different version (.gz/.bz2) from what the config_seperate directory is 

> I'll re-unpack everything into fresh directories, run it and report 
> exactly what's missing & whatnot.

That would be very helpful, thank you.

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