ALFS DTD Syntax Doc v3.1 (configure element)

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Jun 7 19:10:47 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> James Robertson wrote:
> Example #2 includes two {prefix} elements, but they are not referred to 
> in the text and are not present in the bash script.


> Example #4: personally I want to discourage the use of direct embedding 
> of complete commands into the "command" attribute of {configure} and 
> {execute}, when the {prefix} and {param} elements are there for a 
> reason. For this example, I would like to see the PATH=... prefix 
> removed, or just moved into a {prefix} element so it produces the same 
> result as example #3 (like the text says and it currently does).

Fixed, by removing example #4.


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