trying to get 5.1.1 downloaded...

Roger Merchberger zmerch at
Mon Jun 7 16:48:42 PDT 2004

A quick question:

With the wget script in the 5.1.1 nALFS profile, and I found a 5.1.1 
tarball, but the tarball didn't seem to have all the right schtuff in it, 
so I ran the wget script...

... after it choked (several times) on some of the stuff at ibiblio, I 
finally got it to complete.

The wget script didn't have a provision for lfs-bootscripts-2.0.5.tar.gz2, 
but it was in the tarball, so I copied that file over to the wget 
directory, and tried it again.

It made it a few files further, and now it's trying to copy a file called: 
'linux-config' sans quotes.

Is this file even necessary, and if so, where would I get it?

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