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Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Sun Jun 6 22:35:11 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> James Robertson wrote:
>> * Prerequisites: I need prereqs for coding and profile writing.  What 
>> tools or other things do you need to be able to participate in this 
>> activity?  I have CVS access with an account on belgarath as a common 
>> one.  Are there others?
> gdb and valgrind are pretty much the most useful debugging tools. 
> Other prerequisites are a good understanding of how to program and 
> debug an application that forks a great number of times during its 
> execution, understanding of socket-based communication and poll() 
> loops, basic understanding of dynamically loadable modules and complex 
> C structures (used for the handlers to provide their 
> parameters/attributes/parsing functions/execution functions to the 
> backend).
>> * Content on Profile editing:  I am going add a section IV on profile 
>> editing.  Would you guys please take a little time and write up 
>> something?  Just send it plain text if you want and I'll stick it in 
>> the book's XML source.  If you use a modified hint format, that would 
>> be easiest, so I know what is a section title.
> I'll leave this one for the profile team; Jeremy may be able to help a 
> great deal here, as he has very recently learned how to edit profiles 
> and the problems he ran into may be fresh in his mind :-)

Best thing to do is look at the existing profiles via cvsweb (or viewcvs 
soon), and keep a copy of the DTD Syntax on hand.  If you run into 
something you aren't quite sure how to do, then think of a package that 
already is doing something similar, and use it as a reference, and 
always remember to think of the profiles as ONE document, split up into 


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