ALFS DTD Syntax Doc v3.1 (move element)

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Jun 5 20:22:16 PDT 2004

"It is used to move one or several source files and/or directories into 
a destination file or directory."

Realistically, a "destination file" is really not an option, except when 
a single file is being renamed. Possibly a better description might be:

"It can be used to move one or more files and/or directories into a 
destination directory, or to rename a single file or directory."


" The attribute base gives the name of the directory in which the new 
directory will be created"

This is not technically true; it only applies when the {destination} 
element contains a relative pathname. The same is true if the {source} 
element(s) contain relative pathnames. It's possible to specify a base 
attribute and have it have absolutely zero effect on the result, if 
there are no relative paths used. A better description would be:

"The base attribute supplies a directory for the move operations to be 
executed in; it will only affect relative source and/or destination 
paths (those that do not begin with a leading slash)."

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