nALFS RoadMap

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Jun 5 19:34:21 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> OK, then I will put 1.3 and 2.x stuff on the new roadmap update.  No 
> sense in putting 1.2.3 on there.  Will you still work on the 1.3.x 
> branch after you release it?  It would seem that with one hacker working 
> on the code that 2.x will take some time.  I know that G and I both were 
> looking for more "package manager" type features in 1.3 with the logging 
>  DTD and conditional execution. Is that still what you are going to be 
> able to handle?

Yes, 1.3 will continue to be maintained, but I would suspect only bug 
fixes and minor enhancements will occur there. I think that when 1.3 is 
released it will be a major step forward from 1.2, and that will give us 
some time to work on getting nALFS2 into workable shape.

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