nALFS RoadMap

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Jun 5 19:12:18 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> I just looked at the roadmap.  Man have I been lax lately.  It is really 
> old.  I know that we are on the road to a 1.2.3 release.  What all is 
> that fixing?  What about 1.3?  What all are we after in it?  I remember 
> off of the top of my head:
> * New logging DTD support
> * ALFS DTD 3.2 support
> * conditional execution using the new if, then, else elements

nALFS 1.2.3 will be released this evening or tomorrow, containing only 
two bugfixes (XInclude processing and elimination of the requirement for 

nALFS 1.3 will have the things you have listed above as its major 
changes. There are probably other things as well (probably the host:// 
and file:// URL types I mentioned a week or two ago), but those are the 
highlights. This will be the last major nALFS-1.X release.

Once nALFS 1.3 is out, I am going to start a major code reorganization 
and cleanup, which will result in the creation of an entirely new branch 
for nALFS 2.X. The major goal of that new branch will be a more clearly 
defined separation between the frontend/backend, using a documented 
protocol so others can implement alternate frontends if they wish.

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