ALFS DTD Syntax Doc v3.1

Richard A Downing FBCS richard at
Wed Jun 2 23:30:56 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:
> Richard A Downing FBCS wrote:
>> I'm check-reading the Syntax doc as I write (well almost - otherwise 
>> you would not understand a thing :-).  How do you want fixes?  I don't 
>> see the xml source anywhere obvious.
>> R.
> Thanks Richard,
> The source is in the LFS CVS repo at ALFS/docs/syntax_doc.  You can do 
> an anon co and then submit patches here if you like.
> James

Attached is a patch against the cvs today  (Version 3.1-2004-05-31, I 
guess). It clears up some spelling typos and some minor English syntax. 
  I've also changed some of the phrasing, but not much, and only where I 
found the construction unnatural.  I also replaced the word 'englobing' 
with 'enclosing', since 'englobing' is a uncommon word and may cause 
difficulties for non-English-native-tongue readers.

Some things I didn't change, but just observe below...

General observations:

1) I think a reference to a good xml primer, such as O'Rielly's 
'Learning XML' would enhance XML & DTD Syntax.  Indeed, you could remove 
it entirely if you found a free one on-line.  I'll do some research.

2) In all the element descriptions: s/one of the many main operation 
elements/a main operation element/  The current version sounds like an 
advert to me.

3) Sometimes you use the contruction:  'this allows one to...', and 
sometimes you say: 'this allows you to...'  You should make up your mind 
and be consistent - I used 'one' in my patches, but I prefer 'you'.  I 
really hate: 'this allows to...' as, without a pronoun, it isn't English.

Stuff I couldn't just fix, due to ignorance:

Download:  Shouldn't the bash equiv have an md5sum command in it?
Unpack:  ditto.

Hope this helps.

(Note, I'm not a patch-wiz, so I may not have done that right - just 
kick me... I've kept the data)

Richard A Downing FBCS CITP

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