Segfault with xincludes again

Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Tue Jun 1 18:59:26 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 23:14, jamie@ wrote:
> Just cvs co'd nALFS and got a segfault when trying to parse a profile with xincludes.
> The profile is pretty simple and looks sound so I presume it could be the latest changes you just committed Kevin. A strace doesn't show much apart from a SIGSEGV being generated. This is when the profile is executed not when its first parsed which was the problem before.
> This error happens everytime so I can reproduce if if needed. 
> I've attached the output of strace, the top level profile (kde.xml) and the offending profile (libogg.xml)
I just ran it through my version of nALFS and it doesn't segfault, are
you using nALFS from HEAD (hopefully not it's broken) or the 1_2 branch.
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