ALFS DTD Syntax Doc v3.1

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Jun 1 09:42:39 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> Here is the link to the latest and greatest.  You can also get a bz2 
> from the root of my home directory.
> Things I am most concerned with:
> * Typos and spelling mistakes
> * Grammar
> * Consistency with my uses of "see" and "refer to" and other such verbiage.
> * Missing cross-document links to elements.
> * examples - are they good and correct - Thomas, Kevin please help here.
> * All the DTD elements are defined correctly for v3.1.

I have taken a quick look, and there are quite a few wording and grammar 
changes I would suggest, but I don't have time to document them all at 
the moment :-( I'm hoping someone else will jump in and do that, but if 
not I will try to get to it by this weekend.

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