How to avoid the problem I had in my last commit

jeremy at jeremy at
Fri Jul 23 15:58:29 PDT 2004

> jeremy at wrote:
>> You guys got any tips to avoid this in the future?  I was thinking to
>> check in the changes, then check out to a different directory to adapt
>> to
>> my local setup.
> That's essentially what I do; I never run builds from a tree that I make
> changes for sending upstream in.

OK, that's what I'll start doing, then :)  In other news, the profiles are
caught back up to LFS-Unstable, including the changes I made last night. 
I just committed the chapter 6 changes a few days ago - came up with
another trick, as well.  Use the viewcvs archive of LFS to see when files
were last changed - if they haven't been changed in LFS, they won't need
changed in the profiles :)


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