syntax info

Kendrick kendrick at
Mon Jul 12 23:42:36 PDT 2004

Kendrick wrote:

> I just wanted a clarification.  on the requires syntax  and for the 
> utalises syntax  that suggests that said package needs to be built 
> first.  as such would the alfs be able to take that in to 
> consideration and reorder the build accordingly or build down the list 
> in a liner fashion?   if it is liner I am assuming we will have to do 
> a psudobuild or prebuild  kinda like binutils in chap5 of lfs. thanks
> ken

secondary question  when selecting a package that  has dependencys will 
the program be able to notify user of  what it depends on and or  how 
does/will alfs handle missing dependencys will it auto add or how will 
that be handled?

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