syntax info

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Jul 12 10:18:55 PDT 2004

Kendrick wrote:
> I just wanted a clarification.  on the requires syntax  and for the 
> utalises syntax  that suggests that said package needs to be built 
> first.  as such would the alfs be able to take that in to consideration 
> and reorder the build accordingly or build down the list in a liner 
> fashion?   if it is liner I am assuming we will have to do a psudobuild 
> or prebuild  kinda like binutils in chap5 of lfs. thanks
> ken

That is a good question.  I would think that it will be a combination of 
how the profile is built and how nALFS implements the ALFS DTD and uses 
the new logging DTD to help itself out.  The way the profiles are built 
now would probably work just fine.  It would really come down to how 
nALFS can read all that and keep itself up to date (or at least not 
confused).  Kevin would need to answer for sure.


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