[RFC] SVN repo reorganization

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jul 6 19:12:39 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> My only comment is about the docs.  If you are going to put docs off of 
> the root of ALFS for the syntax book, then why not off of the root of 
> nALFS for the UG/HG, like this?
>   +---nALFS
>   |     +---docs
>   |          +---users_guide
>   |          |    +---trunk
>   |          |    +---tags
>   |          |    +---branches
>   |          +---hackers_guide
>   |               +---trunk
>   |               +---tags
>   |               +---branches

Actually, I had three directories proposed under ALFS/nALFS: nALFS, 
users_guide and hackers_guide. ALFS/nALFS/nALFS/trunk would be where the 
nALFS implementation code and bits would go, and the other directories 
would be where the guides for nALFS would go. This way all three (and 
any future) projects related to nALFS would be gathered under 
ALFS/nALFS, but not combined into a single trunk/tags/branches heirarchy.

If there's a better name for ALFS/nALFS/nALFS I'm open to suggestions, 
but I couldn't think of one (except for maybe using ALFS/nALFS/nALFS1, 
in preparation for nALFS2 :-)).

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