ALFS project converted to Subversion

James Robertson jwrober at
Mon Jul 5 12:48:34 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> The conversion seems to have been successful, I have been working this 
> morning with no problems.
> I have changed all "CVS" references throughout the project's files to 
> "CVS", except for the docs that James maintains as I'm not sure what to 
> change there. The Makefiles and render scripts now use SVN instead of 
> CVS in generated filenames. The snapshot version of nALFS is now 
> versioned as SVN instead of CVS. The LFS unstable profile is now 
> versioned as SVN instead of CVS in LFS.xml and README, although that was 
> overdue anyway since the LFS team was already using Subversion.

There are lots.  I am reading up on SVN now and hope to be ready to jump 
in this weekend.  I will touch all the docs, build Makefiles and my 
render scripts at that time.

> The website needs some changes: the Downloads/Current CVS link should be 
> renamed, and the target is now /alfs/downloads/svn. The "nALFS 
> Development (CVS)" page needs to be renamed and have text changes, but 
> this also needs to be done for the LFS project as well.

I'll do this right now.  I have commit privs for the website.

> If anyone notices anything else that still refers to CVS please fix it 
> if you can or mention it if you can't :-)


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