ALFS profiles and DTDs changed

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Jul 4 07:42:53 PDT 2004

I have just changed all three official profiles (LFS-5.1, LFS-unstable 
and BLFS) to no longer have a local copy of the ALFS-3.1 DTD, and 
instead use a Subversion "external" property to automatically checkout 
(and update) a copy of the DTD directory in a DTD subdir of the profile. 
I have also changed the profiles to refer to this subdir and verified 
that they still validate as they did before.

This means when anyone checks out a profile, they will find a DTD 
subdirectory containing all of the DTDs in Subversion (right now there 
are only two). The profiles will never come with an out-of-date DTD, 
since there is only one copy in the repo. This is a big win :-)

Note that the automatic DTD checkout is done anonymously, which means if 
you make changes to the DTDs inside a profile checkout, you will not be 
able to commit those changes. If you need to make DTD edits, you will 
need to make a direct svn+ssh checkout of the DTD directory.

For those curious, this is all it took to set up this up:

- checkout the BLFS profile
- removed the existing DTD (svn rm ALFS-3.1.dtd)
- add an external property (svn propset svn:externals "DTD 
- do an update (svn up)
- edit BLFS.xml to point to the proper path and checking (svn ci)

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