a revision of profile README

manchot amoyamour at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 31 00:04:50 PST 2004


I ventured to revise the profile README file into the following content
in the hope that it is approachable for newbies (including myself). The
reason I do this is that I feel the original README is a bit hazy in the
part of the configuration file and I wasted lot of time trying to grap
separate packages while I already have the tarball. 

No offence to the developer and I am not sure whether my revision is
approachable or just does the opposite. Anyway, the file is in the

        LFS-5.0 PROFILE

This profile must be used with nALFS 1.1.8 or later.

To use the profile you should:

- create a symbolic link to config_seperate, if you are to download
  files separately by wget script.

- create a symbolic link to config_tarball, if you have the lfs-package
  tarball (currently only applies to LFS-5.0).

- customize the files in the configuration directory
  - the file general.ent contains a bunch of entity declarations
  - the file fstab.xml contains the command to generate the fstab file
  - the file kernel.xml contains the profile for building the kernel
  - the file grub.xml contains the commands for configuring grub
    (the files above are commented out by default)
  - the file keymap.xml is used to set up the default keymap

- execute sh ./runit as root. Please note that if you have installed
  nALFS into a non-standard location (/usr/local/bin) then you may need 
  to edit runit to point to your local copy.


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