two questions

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri Jan 30 05:40:30 PST 2004

manchot wrote:

> 1. why does it need to write to /root/tmp to compile packages?
> This problem occurs when it starts to run binutils config.guess and
> tends to write the result to /root/tmp. How to make the temp file go to
> /tmp instead so that I don't need to chmod /root?

It does not need to write to /root/tmp unless you have TMP or TMPDIR set 
in your environment to point there. I believe some distros (Mandrake in 
particular) default to this arrangement.

> 2. some of the packages I failed md5sum check during installation since
> they are in bz2 format. However, without the right md5sum nAlfs refuses
> to go further, how to disable md5sum check?

There are two sets of package.ent files in the profile that comes with 
the tarball, one for if you downloaded all the packages yourself and one 
for if you use the LFS combined tarball. The second file will accomodate 
the packages having been converted to bz2 format and has the right 
digests for those files.

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