two questions

manchot amoyamour at
Thu Jan 29 23:28:46 PST 2004

I am new to nAlfs and impressed by its time saving features.
However, when I ran it, I came across two problems and hope I can find
answer here. (where are the nAlfs users in irc channels?)

1. why does it need to write to /root/tmp to compile packages?
This problem occurs when it starts to run binutils config.guess and
tends to write the result to /root/tmp. How to make the temp file go to
/tmp instead so that I don't need to chmod /root?

2. some of the packages I failed md5sum check during installation since
they are in bz2 format. However, without the right md5sum nAlfs refuses
to go further, how to disable md5sum check?

thank you!


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