Running nALFS freezes the machine

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri Jan 23 06:48:49 PST 2004

Chris Martin wrote:

> A second try (running mkfs.ext3 again on each partition) with hda10 (2
> Gb) as root failed freezing the machine -- no keyboard, blank screen,
> no remote login -- the same behaviour as before.

That is quite bizarre, I've never seen nALFS fail in that way before. If 
the kernel you are running on that machine supports Alt-SysRQ-T you can 
use that to determine what's running when this occurs (unless the 
machine doesn't even respond to that). However, I suspect this problem 
is more likely a hardware issue than anything else (see below).

> Comparing the nALFS compilations (both 1.2.1) under SuSE and LFS 5.0,
> the object files are different sizes. SuSE's Glibc is version 2.3.2-88
> and its GCC is 3.3.1-24.

Yes, using different glibc's and gcc's will certainly produce different 
size binaries.

> I am at a loss to see what to do next -- other than run it under SuSE
> again: I will happily provide more information or run debugging under
> instruction if there is any interest in finding out more.

I can think of a couple possibilities... if you can live without this 
machine in operation for a day or so, run memtest86 on it (with all 
tests enabled) for 24 hours. This will stress the motherboard and memory 
subsystem much more than even normal operation would and tell you 
whether it passes muster.

The next thing I'd do is to try a known-good host; either a Knoppix 
version or one of the LFS boot-CDs. Don't install it to your hard drive; 
just boot from it, compile nALFS and try to run.

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