Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Thu Jan 22 23:22:00 PST 2004

>From whats mentioned here I'll add a couple of things.

Currently I have a dual sparcstation (slow sparc32) running solaris, Dec
alphastation currently running gentoo (reasonable) and am on the
hunt for a nice apple PPC, but could borrow an IBM RS6000 (reasonable)
so as always I'm a willing guinea pig :-)

Arch to arch is a good thing for speeding up the builds, but
what I'm really interested in is actually doing an OS to OS
cross compile (eg solaris to linux), ie a REAL linux from scratch.

Initial cross-build does not have to be shared (in fact it is probably
advantageous not to do it shared). Some may have wondered why the
initial plfs binutils and gcc were built static, now you know why.

With the plfs build we can generally get a build from broken base
hosts, one thing you can pretty much guarantee is your cross-built
stuff is partially broken (but mostly functional).

By rights its a four step build
1) build cross-toolchain (always fun getting the glibc headers and
   libs built for target for building your cross compiler, real
   chicken and egg stuff)
2) build static environment for target,
3) create boot floppy/cdrom with kernel w NFS support for target
4) boot (cross-fingers), NFS mount static tools, create partitions and
   mkfs them
5) build LFS

I've been playing with this on and off for quite a while (been kinda
caught up with other things ;-) ), usually to much frustration :-/

How you'd get this in an ALFS profile I do not know (I'm still
trying to get my head around ALFS) but would be willing in my
** copious amounts of spare time ** (yeah right ;-) ) to try to
sort out some method which works reasonably.

Of course by the end of it I'll be bald and partially insane ;-)


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