Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri Jan 16 07:55:42 PST 2004

Steven Van Impe wrote:
> is nALFS going to support cross-compiling lfs ?
> that would really be helpful for a lot of people I think

As Jamie said, it's possible to do it. However you need to do define 
what type of cross-compile you're interested in; going from one flavor 
of x86 to another is not a big deal (see the uname hint for that), but 
going from one architecture to a different one is more difficult.

That is one reason I'd like to reduce nALFS' reliance on external 
programs for running profiles, but to do a true cross-compile is really 
a three-phase process, since you need to build a known good system that 
runs on the host before you can build the target system.

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