rm: `/tools/build/coreutils-5.0' changed dev/ino: Is a directory

Michael Kipper mkipper at rogers.com
Tue Feb 17 06:12:14 PST 2004

I did some google searches to check it out; I only found some listings from
some source code, but no descriptions.

I should clarify that my partition structure was something like:
/dev/hda1 100MB /boot
/dev/hda3 1GB   /
/dev/hda5 1GB   Host Debian System
/dev/hda6 2GB   /usr
/dev/hda7 1GB   /usr/src
/dev/hda8 75GB  /var

Then, I had a symlink from /mnt/lfs/tools to /mnt/lfs/var/tools.
The reason being that I need the huge /var partition for the LFS system when
I'm done, but don't want to waste it on the /tools directory.
So in the end, I used /dev/hda7 for /tools, and will format it to /usr/src
when I'm finished. Seems to have done the trick.


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Michael Kipper wrote:

> I: Exiting stage: Installing a package.
> I: Entering new stage: Clean-up.
> I: Removing /tools/build/coreutils-5.0.
> -: rm: `/tools/build/coreutils-5.0' changed dev/ino: Is a directory

That is very strange. Have you done any Google searches to see if this 
problem has ever been reported before? I don't think it's in any way 
nALFS related, but you never know...

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