Have a <check> ?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Feb 15 12:58:33 PST 2004

home_king wrote:

> How can I identify those packages installed in order to exclude them
> when I restart nALFS? Refer to ~/.nALFSrc, "stamps" directory seems have
> this function with <check>. However, it doesn't work. What's more, I
> cannot find "<check>" in my profile! Why? Must I remember the nALFS

As it stands today this is not terribly functional. If you use only DTD
2.0 syntax profiles then <check> is supported and should still work, but
no syntax 3.x functionality has been finished for this yet in nALFS.

It is under development, and may be in version 1.3, certainly it will be
in version 1.4. Even then, though, we won't be using it in the official
profile for some time as we can't force everyone who uses that profile
to upgrade to the latest nALFS.

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