[RFC] nALFS package log files

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at pcpmicro.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 05:25:02 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 11 February 2004 02:08
> As referred to in my "nALFS 1.3 plans" message, I am seriously
> considering reworking the existing package logging code in nALFS. There
> are some Bugzilla entries related to this, there are FIXME/TODO items in
> the code that need to be addressed, and the
> package-built/package-version conditional verbs really need it to work
> properly.

Ah, been waiting for this one for sometime :)

> I am hereby proposing this new structure for the package log files; 


>    <package_run>
>      <end status="success">X+55</end>
>      <stage name="unpack">
>        <start>X+30</start>
>        <handler name="unpack">
>          <start>X+30</start>
>          <end status="success">X+32</end>
>          <output>
>            =line 1
>            =line 2
>            =line 3
>            =...
>          </output>
>        </handler>
>        <end status="success">X+32</end>

I presume this is a typo or can a <package_run> really start with a 
<end status="success">X+55</end> ? Otherwise I can't fault it. 
> You'll note that the child nodes within each parent can appear in any
> order, and in fact the <package_run> nodes could appear in any order
> (i.e. a later run could appear earlier in the file). This means that all
> log file parsers (including nALFS itself) will need to parse the entire
> file and positively determine (via timestamps) which run/stage/etc.
> happened in what order. I don't see a way around this, other than using
> a non-XML format for the log files.

>From what I've read there definatley is no way around this with XML
especially with a DOM parser. I'm still unsure as to whether SAX's state 
like parser could actually output the nodes in order though.

> I see this format as being immensely useful; it means someone (not me
> :-) could be a log file parser that could display the logs at any level
> of detail desired, including displaying the output created by an
> individual step of the profile.

I can see a nice simple perl script that could be _very_ usefull. I'd
also like to see a QT/GTK version implementing a nice tree like structure
ala kernel 2.6 xconfig. Maybe its time to learn QT ;)

> Comments? Questions? Is this too much, too little?

Good work.

Jamie Bennett	-	jamie at linuxfromscratch dot org

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