Depreciating <reference>

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Tue Feb 3 05:37:48 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 03 February 2004 14:14
>>Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> I was simply taking about removing <reference> from version 3.2 of the 
>> DTD and instead make the user explicitly use <download> if they are 
>> retrieving remote files. (makes sense to me and should to a new user).
>Oh, I see what you mean now. I actually like being able to use a single 
>element to download and unpack, saves some typing and makes the profile 
>smaller. However, it is certainly duplication of code.

Ok, if you want to leave it as is then I'll just commit my <base> changes
to both <unpack> and <download> tonight when I get home from work. 

Hows the conditional stuff coming along Kevin?

Jamie Bennett	-	jamie at linuxfromscratch dot org

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