Depreciating <reference>

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Feb 3 05:47:50 PST 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:

> IIRC <reference> in <unpack> was the original implementation but
> was found lacking when it came to uncompressed files thus <download>
> was implemented. Now we are making wholesale changes to the DTD it
> may be an idea to only include one standard way of retrieving files
> and that way should be <download>. 

That would be my biggest concern, that <unpack> does not know how to 
handle non-archive non-compressed files. I don't know how we would 
document that it did (if we extended it to do so), since "unpack" 
implies the program is going to take some action on the file after 
downloading it.

If you can come up with a way to combine the syntax that makes sense I'm 
all for it, it would reduce complication for new users.

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