language choice of alfs

Markus Mahlberg markus.mahlberg at
Mon Dec 20 05:46:05 PST 2004

Boris Buegling wrote:

> I don't want to sound rude, but as far as I know, we have two coders
> right now, Jamie Bennett and myself, and we both agreed on using C, so
> did you. If the other people making suggestions do not actually want to
> take part in development, they shouldn't have a say on what language it
> will be written in.

I agree on that.

> It is important that the actual coders feel 
> comfortable with the language that is used,

Agreed, too. But I think there are some things to consider: It would m_a_k_e
sense to use a language which gives a lot of people the opportunity to join
you and Jamie in your efforts, doesn't it? I agree with Roger that this
would effectively reduce the work for each developer.
For this reason, the tool's code should be well readable, modular, and
extensible. From my (very limited) experience, I can't give these credits
to C.

> not the users. If the  
> decision will be against C, I will not be able to participate in coding
> the new tool.

Come on, you don't want to tell me that an experienced coder like you can't
do a simple perl-script? ;-)

Getting serious again: Of course it's your and Jamie's choice (like it
should be), all I ask for is to take into consideration that a broader
range of developers would help the project as well as you.



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