language choice of alfs

TheOldFellow TheOldFellow at
Sun Dec 19 23:12:58 PST 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Boris Buegling wrote:
>> I don't want to sound rude, but as far as I know, we have two coders 
>> right now, Jamie Bennett and myself, and we both agreed on using C, so 
>> did you. If the other people making suggestions do not actually want 
>> to take part in development, they shouldn't have a say on what 
>> language it will be written in. It is important that the actual coders 
>> feel comfortable with the language that is used, not the users. If the 
>> decision will be against C, I will not be able to participate in 
>> coding the new tool.
> Boris,
> I understand, and I had a feeling you would say something like this.  
> That's why I stated my request the way I did.  You're right, we had said 
> we would be going the route of C, but I want to make sure that is the 
> best option, and I want clear reasons written down why it is our best 
> option.  This is as much for the sake of documentation as it is for 
> anything else.  I can even get you started... Unless I'm wrong, by using 
> C, there's one less package to install (as opposed to python or ruby) 
> just to be able to run the thing.
> -- 
> Jeremy Huntwork

Two things to say,

1) Developers are the only lifeblood a project has in the OpenSource 
world.  It'd be different in a commercial environment - you could hire a 
  different developer.

2) When I use alfs to build a system, the next thing I want it to do is 
to build it on that system so that I can populate it.  There's a 
principle here (my principle, since it's my system) I call it 'minimum 
system to first boot'.  I'd prefer alfs in C, I'd also like it designed 
so I can build a dietlibc static version to carry round with me.  If you 
must go for an interpreted language, make it perl, 'cos I've already got 

That having been said, I volunteer to write it for you, but only in 
Algol-60, and only if you provide the portable compiler. 360 Assembler 
is good too.  ;-)


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