Narrowing it down [Was: Name for the new tool]

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Dec 19 19:19:08 PST 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> Thanks Jeremy.  I re-read my words while responding and realized that 
> I came across very harsh.  That was not my intention.  That is the 
> nature of email sometimes.

No problem. ;)

> I have no real objections to "starting from scratch" so to speak.  I 
> am not a coder, so it will not effect me in any way until I try to use 
> the new system.  We really have to sit down and think about what all 
> the current tool does both from a visible client and from a back end 
> XML profile parser and workhorse.
Agreed.  And please, if anyone else has ideas or suggestions on how I 
may better fulfill this role of project leader (I've never done anything 
like this before) feel free to (nicely ;) ) let me know.

Jeremy Huntwork

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