Narrowing it down [Was: Name for the new tool]

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Sat Dec 18 19:50:21 PST 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> I am still completely confused as to why you keep saying that it is 
> not the second version of anything.  What am I missing that you guys 
> are talking about on IRC that is not making it to the list?  The SRS 
> makes it very clear that nALFS2 (as it is called there) is the logical 
> progression of the tool, hence the 2 in its name.

The SRS is incorrect and hasn't yet been changed. See my note below...

> What is all this stuff about not using any code and starting from 
> scratch and using what ever moongoo is.  AFAICT moongoo is a POC of 
> using the book as profile and nothing more.  I am not interested in 
> the simple syntax to describe the build commands or anything else that 
> is being concocted in there.
> Someone either needs to edit the SRS from scratch to get this stuff in 
> there so we can talk about it, or quit saying anything about it.


That document got started in August. At that point we didn't have as 
clear of a direction in mind with what we were going to do. Since then, 
it has been realized, with the various features listed, that we're going 
to be building this thing from scratch. (That at least should have been 
apparent by the discussions of which language to use to code it.)  The 
tool has only continued to be called nALFS2 in the docs on the wiki 
because we hadn't come up with a different name yet.  It's been 
mentioned here on the lists several times so it's not a matter of things 
we are deciding in IRC.  I haven't made any major decisions in IRC that 
I haven't also written to the lists about.

Yes, we *are* looking to do the same thing that nALFS did, in that we 
are hoping to create a tool that automates the building of LFS. And yes, 
if we had continued development with nALFS many of the features would 
have been considered for inclusion as a natural progression. But again, 
and for the last time, nALFS2 will *not* be the tool's name for the 
following reasons:

1) 'n' no longer fits. It stood for Neven Has and *his* implementation 
of ALFS. Neven is no longer with us, and we are not going to be using 
any of his code, there is no need. Even if we did end up using his code, 
a note can be included in the sources of our tool that gives him proper 
due.  Moongoo started out as a POC, and in many ways it still is. 
However, it also makes for a good base for the new tool that we want to 
build.  At this point, we can begin adding support for the other 
features we mentioned.

2) nALFS was just an implementation of ALFS. One of many ways that it 
could be done. We are now going to be creating an official 
implementation, with a team of developers, distinct and different in 
numbers of ways from nALFS, so that there will be few similarities.

3) nALFS as a tool name was confusing. It only made sense to those who 
dug around the project for a bit.  It's in that same light that I 
realize it is not such a bad thing to have the tool name be the same as 
the project name. After all, it is the entire purpose of the project to 
provide an official way to automate LFS builds.

Therefore, as of today, consider the name of our new tool to be, simply, 
alfs.  It sadly lacks any flair or imagination, but it correctly 
associates itself with the project and with LFS and is generally more 
official in its sound.  Discussion about the name is finished.  James, 
can you see about adjusting our wiki docs to match, please?  I would 
also like to hear some suggestions about the best way to number its 
versions, so we can have that in mind from the start.

Boris, wait a bit yet, please, before you move anything in subversion. 
I'd like this next week to be used to fully hash out and fill our docs 
on the new tool.  Jamie, Boris, James, Matt and Manuel can you all 
please take a final look at our wiki, add anything that you can that is 
unfilled in the SRS (there's actually a good amount yet) and raise any 
outstanding questions on this list.  Let's try to have this done by next 
Saturday, if possible. (I realize the holidays are coming quickly, so 
the earlier the better)

Once we have those docs finished, we can move any usable code from 
moongoo to the new alfs spot in the repo.

Thanks everyone,

Jeremy Huntwork

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