Name for the new tool

James Robertson jwrober at
Thu Dec 16 19:33:59 PST 2004

Boris Buegling wrote:

> Mornin',
> we are just trying to decide on a name for new ALFS tool. The folks who 
> are in #alfs-dev agreed that nALFS2 wouldn't be an accurate name, 
> because the tool is not based on the old nALFS and Neven isn't a part of 
> the team anymore. We'd also want a non-mooLFS name for change :)
> My person top 5:
> 1) Moongoo (obvious, wasn't it?)

ah no.  I had to ask you on IRC what it was.

> 2) cALFSkin (still mooLFS, but punny)   
> 3) lair (Linux Automated Installation Ressource)
> 4) amass (Automated Manipulation of ALFS Simple Syntax or Automatic 
> Moongoo Alterations of Super Squirrels)

You have got to be kidding.

> 5) assparser (ALFS simple syntax parser)

use asskisser, at least everyone will know what it means!  LOL

> Any comments are welcome.
> Regards,

Ugh, those are all horrible IMO.  Call it ALFS2 and pull the 'n' off the 
front if you have to change things.  I think you guys are missing the 
point to the name.  Don't pick some estoteric name that no one in their 
right mind is going to understand or has to be an insider to get. 
Another thing I think all you newbies to nALFS are missing is that all 
the ideas that are going into nALFS2 were Neven's ideas.  90% of the 
features written in the SRS are BZ bugs that Neven added when nALFS 
became the official LFS automation tool and Kevin began coding on it. 
The last 10% came from Kevin, myself and others that were present when 
Neven still was around and we had his head to bounce ideas off of.  Just 
because the next version may be written from the ground up, I'd bet that 
whoever does the coding is going to look and even use some of the old 
nALFS 1.x code.  Especially for the daemon.  All the handlers are 
already written.  How is that not using any of Neven's code?  The new 
tool is not going to be that fundamentally different than the existing 
one.  It is just a logical progression of the system as a whole to make 
it more modular and scalable.

* The product name should have direct ties to the LFS project.
* The product name can be an acronym becasue everything in the computer 
world has an acronym in it somewhere
* The product name should mention automation as that is what it does.

Call the thing ALFS2.  The product is the tool and the tool is the 
project.  It is the second generation of the Automated Linux From 
Scratch DTD implementation and build system.  Why is this so hard?

I thought we were a professional set of people on this project.  Names 
like this do not fit well in that mind set.

BTW - as of 2130 CST (GMT -6) we have the folowing votes

* Moongoo - iiii
* cALFSkin - i
* lair - ii
* amass - ii
* assparser - i
* ALFS2 - iiii
* amps - ii
* accedo - i
* cura - i
* Alfred - i
* Beacon - i
* ABT - i
* ATB - i

so Moongoo (man I feel sticky just saying it) and ALFS2 are tied.  Can 
you say runoff?


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