Name for the new tool

TheOldFellow TheOldFellow at
Thu Dec 16 11:05:50 PST 2004

Boris Buegling wrote:
> Mornin',
> we are just trying to decide on a name for new ALFS tool. The folks who 
> are in #alfs-dev agreed that nALFS2 wouldn't be an accurate name, 
> because the tool is not based on the old nALFS and Neven isn't a part of 
> the team anymore. We'd also want a non-mooLFS name for change :)
> My person top 5:
> 1) Moongoo (obvious, wasn't it?)
> 2) cALFSkin (still mooLFS, but punny)   
> 3) lair (Linux Automated Installation Ressource)
> 4) amass (Automated Manipulation of ALFS Simple Syntax or Automatic 
> Moongoo Alterations of Super Squirrels)
> 5) assparser (ALFS simple syntax parser)
> Any comments are welcome.
> Regards,

Beverly - LFS's other half.

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