Name for the new tool

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Thu Dec 16 10:51:31 PST 2004

Alexander Lang wrote:

> Moongoo!
> But ALFS2 would be ok too.
Let me remind you all that ALFS2 is not really fitting for the following 

* Technically, there never was an ALFS or ALFS1 (the tool was called 
nALFS - neither should there be a nALFS2, as this next one is not based 
on Neven Has's code, which the 'n' stands for, nor is he assisting with 
the new one.)
* This tool that we are building, while it will perform similar 
functions to the previous one, is from the gound up entirely different 
from the previous tool.
* ALFS is the entire project of Automating LFS, which includes the 
individual components of the syntax and the parser/builder. IMO, a more 
descriptive, interesting, and endearing name is appropriate for our new 

Jeremy Huntwork

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